Merry Christmas!

Wherever you are on this Christmas day, know that victory belongs to Christ! Wherever you are in your mind, wherever you are in your life, wherever you are physically…the victory belongs to Jesus!!

We do not know the exact date that Jesus was born but this is the day that many focus on celebrating His birth! It’s a time when we share the love of Christ. It’s a time when we give gifts. It’s a time when we spend time with family.

It can also be a time of extreme sadness. A time of mourning. A time of feeling alone. So…I HAVE to tell you that even if you can’t find the strength to celebrate, rely on Jesus! He was born for it (literally), that you may rely on Him! Even on the day that we celebrate His birth, He is still working…no days off.

Let this day remind us to cast our cares and worries on Him because He cares for us! Let us remember that its not so much about gifts but about the Giver of life…the ultimate Giver of gifts!

Smile even if it hurts, rejoice even when there seems to be nothing to rejoice about, let the enemy know that your Savior’s birth was not in vain! Victory belongs to Jesus!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!! (…because Jesus was born šŸ™‚ )

Can I say another thing??

No matter what….God is still God!

I love y’all! ~DeHonee ā¤

The picture above shows my current situation. This holiday was spent away from my loved ones šŸ˜¦ but at least Jesus sent me somewhere I could enjoy :-). Fort Myers, FL

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