We have to realize that we won’t get life in one day or in one season. It takes time to grow, like a seed. Let us giver ourselves time and room for life. Balance is key.

How do we balance? The Holy Spirit.

On our own we move too fast or too slow, we give too much or not enough, we keep too much or not enough, we eat too much or not enough, we work too much or not enough, we overpopulate our schedule or have nothing on our schedule, we have passion and drive for something and then we get bored, we are over the top(too boisterous) or under the top(timid), we fight too much or we don’t fight enough, we have no reverence or we are too fearful…we just aren’t naturally balanced. There is good news though…God is and we have the opportunity to allow Him to live in us, with us, and through us.

His presence and help is available if we just welcome Him in our lives.

I had a conversation with Caleb and it showed me something. I love him so much so I’m careful to listen to him and attentive to what he has to say. Does he always know what he is talking about? No. God is the same way with us…ready to listen and be attentive because of His love. Do we always know what we are talking about? No. God still wants to hear like I still want to hear what Caleb has to say. Communicate with God for balance, we have to allow him to develop us. 🙂

So why is this whole concept easier to read than than to be applied?

It is the enemy’s(Satan) job to steal, kill, and destroy! He wants to distract us, to feed our short comings, and try to confuse us by imitating God but never coming close to the real thing. Satan wants many of us to feel worthless because of our short comings and lack of balance. But worthless people don’t have a Savior dying on a cross to afford them the opportunity to be redeemed.

We can not be worthless even if we tried.

We are worth it. We can have balance. We can tap into God, the strength of God, and succeed. ❤

Can I say another thing??

No matter what…God is still God.

~DeHonee (kiss face emoji)

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