Get Low.

Have you ever been around the house and for some reason you had to get on your hands and knees? Maybe you dropped something and got down to get it or you were cleaning and got down… Often times you find things that you deemed as lost a while ago. Like that ball that a child in your home couldn’t find, your favorite pen, those keys or an ID, and if it gets really deep…a few coins or dollars!

Well many times the natural reflects the spiritual and can be used as an example of what is going on or what needs to be done in the spirit

So………..GET LOW! Humble yourself, get on your hands and knees and pray. GET LOW and fast, deny yourself! GET LOW and submit to those in authority. GET LOW!!! You may find that joy you thought you lost and could never get back! You may find that passion for God again that you had in the beginning! You may find your confidence in Christ! You just might find something that you believed you lost and probably wouldn’t get back!

This Word is to me first. So although I am using the pronoun “you”, I’m talking to me and I just wanted to share it!

Often times when I pray I get on my knees reflecting what I am doing in spirit. Today and daily I would like to encourage you(and me) to get low.

Can I say another thing??

No matter what…God is still God.


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