The Comeback!

During this season, the residue of celebration still floats around in the air of God’s resurrecting power! Many Christians are still on a high thinking of our Savior’s love and sacrifice for us! Furthermore, how it created the opportunity for resurrecting power to work in us this very day and forever more! So what better time to talk about the comeback, God’s redemption power, and His hope to press and continue on!

The bigger the mistake we make….somehow the enemy seems to be successful in the area of condemnation one time or another in our lives but I’d like to examine a few cases of the comeback!

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. John 14:12

Uh oh! You mean I can do greater works than Jesus?! Just watch…

Let’s start with the Old Testament hero Moses! This man was a man of high status because of the family he was associated with, but one day he got in touch with his roots and decided to give up his worldly success. After reading the account, I’m not sure if Moses went about it the perfect way but there was definitely a comeback! Let me explain. Moses killed a man… YET he led Israel, a WHOLE nation, out of Egypt which changed the trajectory of life today.

Now let me mention Abraham,  who had a whole baby that was not the promise because of doubt in God’s promises YET he is called the father of faith and a friend of God. Shall we talk about David, who slept with a man’s wife, got him drunk to try to deceive him and once he didn’t fall for it got him killed, then made the widow his wife. YET, he was called a man after God’s own heart. Hmmmmm, what about Samson who chose women over the call of  God over his life…..YET he killed more of the enemy on his way out than his time in. We can’t stop without mentioning Paul! This man was killing Christians left and right, YET he wrote two thirds of the New Testament and is one of the greatest apostles to ever live!! What about Peter who denied Christ three times in His roughest moments committing the ultimate betrayal?! YET he was given the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven!!

So let me tell you why this blog is called the comeback!! The significance in each of these accounts of the bible is the fact that these men did greater works AFTER their biggest mistakes! So in light of Christ’s resurrection, I’d like to speak encouragement of comeback into your life!

This is by no means a license to live life without boundaries but if you have had a great fall or made a great mistake…just know you there is a comeback! AFTER Moses killed a man, he led millions out of a captivity that lasted over 400 years! AFTER Abraham doubted God and tried to create his own promise, he was blessed to become the father of nations! AFTER David committed adultery and murder, he made room for the bloodline of Jesus! AFTER Samson gave up all his rights as a Nazarene, he kill more Philistines than before! AFTER killing many Christians, Paul become one of those who turned the world around with the gospel! AFTER denying God, Peter had the confidence to spread the gospel like a wild fire! AFTER! AFTER! AFTER!

If you haven’t had a great fall you can still be great and do greater works so don’t look for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! But for those who the enemy tries to condemn because of a great fall….I have good news called the COMEBACK! Your greatest work can be done now that you have dusted off your knees and never plan to go back! Now is the time to be sold out and not look back! God still has resurrecting power and you are destined to do greater works than before! Be encouraged and do something great!!!

Can I say one more thing???!!!!

God’s love is endless and don’t you forget it!

~DeHonee ❤

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