The God of Miracles

Hey y’all!

Today I just want to encourage our faith in the One Who performs the miraculous! Specifically in my life, I’m looking for miracles for the ones I love! So as I write and you read….let us remember that God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore(Hebrews 13:8)!

What is a miracle? According to the first thing that pops up on google….a miracle is something that can’t be explained naturally or scientifically and therefore is considered to be a work of a divine agency. Fortunately for us we know that divine agency is our God!

In Exodus 14 (scroll to the bottom and read) God delivers the Israelites from the Egyptians who kept them enslaved for over 400 years. He delivers them by way of a miracle! As the Israelites look behind them, see the Egyptians and then look forward to a huge Red Sea…..they lose all hope. But God. He uses the man of God to split the Red Sea! The Israelites escape on dry ground where there was none moments before! In a blink of an eye their salvation was there! A miracle was performed and that is the same case for us as the children of God!

When it seems like there is no way out, remember how God delivered the Israelites from the Egyptians! Exodus 14:9-31

When it seems like it’s too late or you missed it, remember how God opened Sarah’s womb and rose Lazarus from the dead! Genesis 21:1-2/John 11:38-44

When it seems like it is not enough, remember how God multiplied five fishes and two loaves! John 6:1-14

When survival seems null and void(everyone else you know who experienced this didn’t make it), remember how God saved Paul and others from the shipwreck. Acts 28:14-44

Remember how He has moved in your life time and time again. Don’t forget that He is still a God who performs miracles!

Jeremiah 32:27 Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

****Bonus***** The Hebrew word for miracle is mowpheth meaning wonders. It’s pronounced mo-faith.

Let’s pray for mowpheth!

Can I say another thing???

He can do it.

~DeHonee ❤


Exodus 14:9, 13-14,16,18,21-22,30-31

9) But the Egyptians pursued after them, all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and his horsemen, and his army, and overtook them encamping by the sea, beside Pihahiroth, before Baalzephon. 13-14)And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. 16) But lift thou up thy rod, and stretch out thine hand over the sea, and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea. 18) And the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, when I have gotten me honour upon Pharaoh, upon his chariots, and upon his horsemen. 21-22) And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left. 30-31) Thus the Lord saved Israel that day out of the hand of the Egyptians; and Israel saw the Egyptians dead upon the sea shore. And Israel saw that great work which the Lord did upon the Egyptians: and the people feared the Lord, and believed the Lord, and his servant Moses.

P.S. Read the accounts listed. It will bless you.

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