Sometimes you get to a point in a day where you just feel like you need to start over again. Sometimes you just want to say, “Daddy can I have a “do-over” for today”. Sleep looks very appealing to help transition out of a mess and into a clean slate…

I want to encourage you that you don’t have to wait for another day. Before you go to bed spend time at the feet of Jesus and end it with the best that you’ve got! You may be shocked at the faithfulness of our God and how He doesn’t need all day to give you a “do-over/clean slate”.

Rest at your Father’s feet and in His arms by getting in a quiet space with the Word and/or worship music. 5 minutes of casting your cares on Jesus because He cares for you. 5 minutes of releasing your grip on a perfect day/life and trusting Jesus that it will ALL work out. 5 minutes of being quiet to allow God to restore you as you surrender.

It is so worth it to go before God and not have to carry shame and guilt into the next day.

Give yourself some grace and let God do the “redoing”.


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