Holding Hands

As a father holds their child’s hand, there is a feeling of belonging and safety. Both parties, the father and the child, are being satisfied. The dad is fulfilling his purpose as the protector and as the source of many of the child’s needs. The child is also being satisfied with surety and love from … More Holding Hands


Sometimes you get to a point in a day where you just feel like you need to start over again. Sometimes you just want to say, “Daddy can I have a “do-over” for today”. Sleep looks very appealing to help transition out of a mess and into a clean slate… I want to encourage you … More Redo

John’s Decrease

The account of John the Baptist can often articulate our lives. John’s purpose and birth was to prepare the way for our Saviour. In his mother’s womb he was able to recognize Jesus! When Jesus walked on the scene while John was baptizing, he immediately recognized the Saviour. Yet while John was in prison he … More John’s Decrease


I was going on a trip and I had some aches and pain. So I planned to stop at a store on my way to the airport to get a particular medicine. I used other things before but this medicine is what worked for me. I didn’t know if the store would have it, so … More Trust

Pulled Over

Her: Let me tell you what my crazy self did?! Me: What?! Her: I forgot to renew my tabs for my license plate on my car…and I got pulled over today! I meant to renew them the month before my birthday but I forgot. I went to the secretary of state the same day to … More Pulled Over

Bluetooth Connection

When I unintentionally disconnect my phone from my car’s bluetooth, it’s a challenge to get back connected. Sometimes I can’t figure out why my phone won’t reconnect but yesterday I was able to see why. I couldn’t connect because I was connected to my bluetooth headphones in my purse/another source. I had to disconnect from … More Bluetooth Connection