The “No” Season!

Take a look at the attached picture….if you’ve ever been on a plane then you can recognize that this is the seatbelt sign, the no smoking sign, along with a few other gadgets. According to federal regulations, smoking is not allowed on flights and when the pilot has the seatbelt sign on it is important … More The “No” Season!

The Comeback!

My sister created a shirt with the writing, “Talitha Cumi”. It speaks of the account in Mark 5 when Jesus spoke these very words to a 12 year old damsel who was dead. The interpretation is, “damsel, I say unto thee arise”.
When my sister created this shirt it was to encourage us to speak to those dead things in our lives and tell them to arise….our hopes, our dreams, and even our faith. So as I talk about the comeback, I thought it was appropriate to mention Talitha Cumi to some dead things….telling them to arise because its time for the comeback!!!!!

Plug: Find the shirt at https://www.crysmcgriffspeaks.comMore The Comeback!

The ONLY Wise God!!!!

I don’t know why but this title/characteristic of God just sets my soul on fire and gets me too excited to explain. I just can’t contain it. The ONLY Wise God! (1 Timothy 1:7/Jude 1:25/Romans 16:27) Wisdom defined by one word… also known as chokmah in Hebrew: Strong’s definition – Skilful Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon definition – Dexterity The world was … More The ONLY Wise God!!!!